Contact Information:

Ph: 907.562.1500
Fax: 907.562.1502

800 E. Dimond Blvd.
Suite 3-650
Anchorage, AK 99515 

(6th floor, Dimond Center)

Industry Segments

Model for Murder Case #07-1457E-Terra provides custom IT and Geospatial solutions to businesses and Governments of all sizes. The company’s extensive network of IT and subject matter experts help clients in diverse industries to maximize operational fluency and competitive efficiency, while directly satisfying the unique requirements and constraints of each organization.

We provide products and services for the following industries:
• Government
• Legal
• Resource Development
• Telecom

E-Terra’s services include:
• Creating custom software solutions
• Re-engineering existing software applications
• Location Based Services and mobile applications
• Web application and website design services
• Database construction, migration, and implementation
• On- and off-site IT consulting
• Simulation and Photo Realistic Rendering
• Geospatial data collection and processing
• Litigation Support through database and visualization tools

The core strength of E-Terra is its extensive network of talented IT professionals and subject matter experts, who enable the company to consistently deliver solutions with an exceptional level of quality and efficiency.

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