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800 E. Dimond Blvd.
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Anchorage, AK 99515 

(6th floor, Dimond Center)

Imagery Products & Services

   Our experienced imagery specialists can custom orthorectify, color balance and mosaic multi-spectral imagery to create thematic map products for land classification, vegetation analysis and change detection of a project area.

Satellite Derived Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

   We can generate Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from in-track satellite stereo pairs or from aerial based photogrammetry. DEMs can be further refined by adding engineering data for simulation and visualization purposes.

Imagery Partners

   E-Terra has a large archive of high resolution imagery through our partnerships with all commercial global data providers. Access to multiple imagery vendors allows for rapid acquisition of new data. Resolutions range from 50 cm to 10 meter pixel resolution.

Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

3D datasets obtained through Photogrammetry from space, IfSAR or Lidar can be used in simulated environments to visualize placement of road alignments and calculate water volumes for hydro project reservoirs. This data can aid engineers in calculating material requirements for their projects, or determine feasibility of road alignments and facilities placement.

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